• Barnabas Cuffe

Security EditorEdit

  • R. Amorin


  • A. Fenetre
  • Andy Smudgley
  • Betty Braithwaite
  • Matthew Amerinus
  • Michael Carneirus
  • Chris Frank
  • Tom Frank
  • Logan Tomko
  • Teddy Jeannette
  • Rachael Almeidus
  • Elizabeth Limus
  • Wiz Winklesteen

Advice ColumnistsEdit

  • Donovan Shaman
  • Dr. Jacob Medusa
  • Dempster Wiggleswade (for legal problems)
  • Grizel Hurtz (for personal problems)
  • Helbert Spleen (for medical problems)
  • Zamira Gulch (for magical problems)
  • Justin Flinch-Fletchey, op-ed columnist


  • Bozo

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